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Physician Leadership Development

The Medical Affairs leadership development team works to provide physician leaders with resources and supports to improve their leadership effectiveness to respond to system challenges and improve the quality of patient care.

Executive Coaching

Medical Affairs’ Executive Leadership Coach partners with individual physician leaders and/or their teams to maximize leadership potential and performance by creating customized one-to-one coaching relationships or learning opportunities. This approach helps clients gain clarity and insight on their leadership impact and performance and also reinforces and prioritizes new learning and its application in the workplace. Our leadership coach maintains a rotating roster of physician clients that she meets on a bi-weekly basis. The focused support includes:

  • Leadership coaching tools for individuals and teams that assess current strengths, level of current performance or leader effectiveness, and primary development needs
  • Leadership Circle profiles and Team Diagnostic from Team Coaching International
  • Leadership Training and Development

The leadership team also provides leadership training to Nova Scotia Health clients and system partners. Nova Scotia Health was a part of the foundational group to create the Physician Leadership Development Program and our leadership team has continued the partnership with Doctors Nova Scotia for the past several years. 

Our leadership coach also moderates the Communication and Conflict model of the Emerging Leaders in Academic Medicine with Dalhousie University. In addition, the team supports Departments throughout the four zones, including resident leadership events,  which helps build capacity for the next generation of physician leaders.

Our leadership development team works to provide targeted education sessions, workshops and retreats for medical leadership team development.

Some sessions include:

  • Department of Medicine, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, and Provincial Cancer Care leadership retreats
  • Active Hope engagement sessions

With the recent People Strategy and a focus on physician wellness, our team has been working within the organization to improve service offerings for physicians. Recently, Nova Scotia Health partnered with AIR Institutes for a series on building resilience. These sessions were offered in all four zones and held a portion of its attendance for physician participants. Our leadership development team also partnered with People and Organization Services to bring the Life Speak virtual assistance package to Nova Scotia Health. This is a series of self-guided videos and resources on wellness that are accessible to all Nova Scotia Health employees and physicians. 

Current Book Recommendations 

Mastering Leadership:  An Integrated Framework for Breakthrough Performance and Extraordinary Business Results. Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams (2016).

Scaling Leadership: Building Organizational Capability and Capacity to Create Outcomes that Matter Most. Robert J. Anderson & William A. Adams (2019).

Dare to Lead:  Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts.  Brené Brown (2018).

The Gifts of Imperfection. 10th Anniversary Edition.  Brené Brown (2022).

Co-Active Leadership:  Five Ways to Lead.  Karen and Henry Kimsey-House (2021).

Positive Intelligence. Shirzad Chamine (2012).

The Good Fight:  Use Productive Conflict to Get Your Team and Organization Back on Track.  Liane Davey (2019).

Assessments and Tools

Leadership capability assessments provide important data concerning an individual and their context. We utilize various assessment tools to help our clients gain self-awareness and an understanding of where they are now: current strengths, level of current performance or leader effectiveness, and primary development needs. Leadership assessments are designed to help you reflect on what changes you want to make and to help you create a leadership development plan.

We are certified to administer the following:

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TKI logo features 5 dots that are blue and yellow


Change and Transition

Change is constant, especially in health care. Physicians, as leaders, must help their teams overcome opposition to change, as well as assist in the often difficult transition period that shadows a change project. This page provides resources to build the knowledge and skills needed to champion and orchestrate change, and also to lead people through the complex internal process of transition.

Last Updated:
December 9, 2022

Leading Self

The work of a leader is based on an understanding of how your own mindset, beliefs, values, and intentions contribute to behaviours that define you as a leader. Self-leadership encompasses the critical role of self-awareness and reflective practice, as well as taking responsibility for your own performance and demonstrating competence in emotional intelligence. This page provides resources to help leaders explore the impact of their own emotions, values, intentions, and assumptions on their sense of reality and on the people around them. 

Last Updated:
December 9, 2022

Respectful Workplace

Nova Scotia Health is committed to fostering an environment that is healthy, safe and respectful that values diversity, and where all persons are treated and treat others with respect and dignity.  We have a shared responsibility to promote and sustain a respectful workplace, where all team members actively welcome diversity and work collaboratively towards ensuring a culture of respect.

The resources on this site are intended to help Nova Scotia Health team members (employees, physicians, volunteers, students, and learners) deepen their understanding of respectful workplace behaviour and provide examples of how we can all contribute to a culture of respect at work.

Please review Nova Scotia Health's Respectful Workplace Policy for definitions of offensive and disrespectful behaviour, and the procedures to follow for formal and informal complaints.

Last Updated:
December 9, 2022

Systems Thinking

Thinking and acting from a whole systems perspective enables leaders to determine solutions that will create a better health system for the future. This means not only seeing the details, but also the bigger picture of your work. This page provides resources to help leaders consider a broader perspective, looking at the health system both from a complex, organic systems view as well as a clinical, technical systems view.

Last Updated:
December 9, 2022

Other Physician Leader Resources

In an effort to support continuing professional development and lifelong learning, this page provides links to a variety of leadership courses, related organizations, and publications that physicians should find helpful in their ongoing leadership learning and career development.

Last Updated:
December 9, 2022

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