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Physician Communications

Nova Scotia Health maintains a contact list for all physicians using your preferred email contact information. Previously, many community physicians did not have access to Nova Scotia Health email addresses and, as a result, the organization had no reliable or consistent way to reach them. 

Medical Affairs provides regular physician communications through a series of newsletters issued from the office of the Vice President of Medicine:

  • Recruitment update for physicians
  • HAMAC Meeting Highlights
  • Medical Affairs updates for physicians
  • COVID-19 physician-specific updates

This regular touch point has provided a high rate of physician engagement and connection to content. Our communications team receive regular feedback from physicians about the importance of these timely updates and the information being centralized in one easy to access location. Physicians also state that with this tool, they better understand the role of Nova Scotia Health in the health system and feel they have a pathway to forward questions
or concerns.

If you would like to sign up to receive these updates, please click here.

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