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Physician Leadership Directory

Vice President, Medicine

Dr. Nicole Boutilier

Interim Executive Assistant, VP Medicine
Lindsay O'Rourke

Senior Director, Medical Affairs
Grayson Fulmer

Administrative Assistant, Senior Director
Lindsay O'Rourke

Senior Medical Directors

*New* Quality Improvement
Dr. Vanessa Sweet 

Access & Flow Network
Dr. Tanya Munroe

Cancer Care
Dr. Helmut Hollenhorst

COVID Planning & Implementation
Dr. Shelly McNeil

Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services Network
Dr. Tim Mailman - Email

Episodic & Integrated Acute Care Network
Dr. Paige Moorhouse - Email

Frailty Network
Dr. Kenneth Rockwood - Email

Integrated Palliative Care
Dr. David Henderson

Mental Health and Addictions
Dr. Andrew Harris

Multi-Organ and Tissue Program
Dr. Bryce Kiberd - Email

Dr. Greg Hirsch

Primary Health Care and Chronic Disease Management Network
Dr. Maria Alexiadis - Email 

Renal Services
Dr. Steven Soroka

Trauma Chief 
Dr. Robert Green 

Medical Information Officer
Dr. Matthew Clarke

Medical Officers of Health

Chief Medical Officer of Health
Dr. Robert Strang
PO Box 488
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 2R8
Phone: 902-424-2358
Fax: 902-424-0550

Deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health

Central Zone

Central Zone Executive Medical Director 

Dr. Christy Bussey 

Executive Assistant
Alice Sandall-Holt 

Central Zone Director, Medical Affairs

Brent Powers

Central Zone Site Leads

Cobequid Community Health Centre
Dr. Mike Clory

Dartmouth General Hospital
Dr. Natalie Cheng

Hants Community Hospital
Dr. Cathryn Smith

Tri-facilities (Eastern Shore Memorial Hospital, Musquodoboit Valley Memorial Hospital, & Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital)
Dr. Lisa Bonang

Central Zone Department Chiefs

Dr. Janice Chisholm

Critical Care
Dr. Tony O’Leary

Community Health & Epidemiology
Dr. Susan Kirkland

Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. James Clarke

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Kirk MaGee

Family Medicine
Dr. Maria Alexiadis - Email 

Dr. Christine Short

Obstetrics and Gynaecology
Dr. James Bentley

Dr. Marcelo Nicolela

Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery
Dr. Chad Robertson

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Irene Sadek

Dr. Vincent Agyapong

Dr. Amanda Caissie

Dr. Gail Darling - Email

Dr. Greg Bailly

Central Zone Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Jessica Jackman and Dr. Claudia Sarbu
7 Mellor Avenue, Unit 5
Dartmouth, NS, B3B 0E6
Phone: 902-481-5800
Fax: 902-481-5803

Eastern Zone

Eastern Zone Executive Medical Director

Dr. Don Brien - Email  

Executive Assistant
Simran Virdi

Eastern Zone Site Leads

Cape Breton Regional Hospital
Dr. Chris Lata and Dr. Paul MacDonald - Email 

St. Martha's Regional Hospital
Dr. Jeremy Hillyard

Eastern Zone Department Chiefs

Dr. Sean Orrell

Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Syed Raza

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Robert MacKenzie - Email 

Family Medicine
Dr. Stephanie Langley
Dr. Joan Salah

Internal Medicine
Dr. Chris Lata

Dr. Erin MacLellan

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine 
Dr. Chris Lata

Dr. Faisal Rahman

Dr. Neil Clifton

Eastern Zone Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Daniela Kempkens
23 Bay Street
Antigonish, Nova Scotia, B2G 2G7
Phone: 902-867-4500 ext 4800

Northern Zone

Northern Zone Executive Medical Director

Dr. Aaron Smith - Email 

Executive Assistant
Anne Steeves

Northern Zone Site Leads

Aberdeen Hospital
Dr. Chris Elliott

Colchester East Hants Health Centre
Dr. Tanya Munroe

Cumberland Regional Hospital
Dr. Janneke Gradstein

Northern Zone Department Chiefs

Dr. Nihat Bhuiyan - Email

Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Ronald MacEachern

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Tanya Munroe

Family Medicine
Dr. Harold Berghuis

Internal Medicine
Dr. Kris Srivatsa

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Robert Boutilier

Dr. Hugh Maguire

Dr. Jamie Rogers - Email 

Women's & Children's Health
Dr. Angus Murray

Northern Zone Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Cristin Muecke - Email
Colchester East Hants Health Centre
Public Health Services
600 Abenaki Road, Level 1/Wing B
Truro, NS, B2N 5A1
Phone: 902-956-9496

Western Zone

Western Zone Executive Medical Director

Dr. Cheryl Pugh Email

Executive Assistant
Julianne Croft

Western Zone Site Leads

Soldiers Memorial Hospital
Dr. Sarah Surette

South Shore Regional Hospital
Dr. Heather Johnson

Valley Regional Hospital
Dr. Lois Bowden

Yarmouth Regional Hospital
Dr. Chris Murphy

Annapolis Valley Community Health Centre 
Dr. Roop Conyers 

Queen's General Hospital 
Dr. Norah Mogan

Roseway Hospital
Dr. Leanne DeLong

Fisherman's Memorial Hospital 
Dr. John T. Jenkins

Digby General Hospital 
Dr.  John D. Black

Western Zone Department Chiefs

Dr. Robert Doyle

Diagnostic Imaging
Dr. Craig Wilson

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Tom Goddard

Family Medicine
Dr. Amy MacMullin

Internal Medicine
Dr. Brian Moses

Obstetrics and Gynecology and Pediatrics
Dr. Cheryl Pugh

Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Dr. Brian Jollymore

Dr. Gerald Gray

Dr. Ryan Kelly

Western Zone Medical Officer of Health

Dr. Jennifer Cram
Annapolis Community Health Centre
821 George St.
Annapolis Royal, NS, B0S 1A0
Phone: 902-365-1701 ext. 1513

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