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Nova Scotia Health Medical By-Laws

The by-laws are developed and enacted to:

  • outline the medical staff structure, including the categories of privileges, the medical staff committees and the duties and functions of senior medical leaders appointed by the NSH and the IWK Health
  • define the rules governing the medical staff including the key elements of appointment, reappointment, privileging and the orderly resolution of issues while at all times ensuring the principles of due process/procedural fairness are maintained
  •  establish clinical criteria and standards to oversee and manage quality assurance, utilization review, performance evaluation and other medical staff activities
  • address processes through which issues respecting the medical staff relationship with the with the NSH may be considered and resolved

These by-laws apply to all health care facilities, services, resources and programs within Nova Scotia Health.

Nova Scotia Health Medical By-Laws

July 20, 2021

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