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Diabetes Care Program of Nova Scotia Registry Reports

A series of reports generated at the site level by Registry users to increase usefulness of data within the diabetes centre.  Broadly, these can be categorized into data quality reports, post-visit reports and letters, and quality improvement reports.

DCPNS Registry Reports

Site level, registry generated reports.

  • Summary of Visits
  • Monthly Stats
  • New Referrals-Time to First Appointment
  • Active Patient Report
  • Inactive Patient Report
  • Unattached Patient Report
  • Discharge/Transition Patient Report
  • MD/NP Patient List
  • Advanced Clinical Indicator Report
  • Mailing Labels
  • Provider Report
  • Progress Note
  • Patient Discharge Letter
  • Provider Dishcharge Summary
  • Transition Provider Letter (In development)  
  • Transition Patient Letter (In development)  

February 6, 2023

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