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Bring Your Own Device

Adding Nova Scotia Health Email to Personal Mobile Devices

There is now an approval process in place for email on personal devices for physicians only. This approval is on a limited exception basis until a more permanent solution is available.

There are two options outlined below for submitting the request. Once the request is approved, instructions for setting up your email will be provided by Nova Scotia Digital Services (NSDS).

Option 1:

  1. Submit an IT Self-Service Request:
  2. Sign in with your Nova Scotia Health network username and password
  3. In the Search Bar, search for Special Mobile Request
  4. Click Special mobile request – Offering
  5. Your name and phone number will already be populated
  6. In the Approver field, enter either Fulmer, Grayson (Alternatively, at the bottom of the form, you can attach an approval email)
  7. In Description of request, enter Requesting email on personal device
  8. Click Submit Now

Option 2:

  1. Call the Service Desk 1-866-224-2555
  2. Indicate you are requesting email on a personal device on an exception basis
  3. Indicate Grayson Fulmer for approver

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