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XERO Clinical Viewer is Now Available!

Attention:  Medical imaging clients in NS Health Northern, Eastern, Central Zone and IWK Health

Change Impact

  • Clinicians using the IMPAX clinical viewer for medical imaging outside of Diagnostic Imaging (DI), emergency departments, Orthopedics and ORs are required to transition to the XERO clinical viewer.
  • The recently updated XERO offers similar functionality as IMPAX.
  • Clinicians in Diagnostic Imaging (DI), emergency departments, Orthopedics and ORs using IMPAX will be transitioned to the new Enterprise Imaging as it is implemented across the province, expected to be completed by the end of July 2023.


computer window










Impax window









Reason for Change

  • The current IMPAX system is at end-of-life.

Action required:

  • Begin using the XERO clinical viewer rather than IMPAX by going to: on a device connected to the Nova Scotia Health Network. Login with:
    • User: Windows User ID
    • Password: Windows Password
    • Domain: Select correct domain
  • Access the XERO Tutorial via LMS - XERO Web Viewer Basics
    • Sign in with Active Directory/click Catalogue/search course code 1145.01
    • Alternatively, those without access to LMS may visit Enterprise Imaging/training for XERO functionality videos.
  • Clinicians who have questions about transitioning to XERO can contact

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