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Update - New Enterprise Imaging Solution

As shared previously, our Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) that captures, manages and stores medical images for patient care will soon be transformed with the implementation of Agfa’s Enterprise Imaging solution. PACS is comprised of two front-facing applications:

  • IMPAX which is used primarily in Diagnostic Imaging (DI) and is being replaced with Enterprise Imaging
  • XERO 2.0, which is the web-based viewer intended for use outside of DI.  XERO 2.0 will be upgraded to XERO 8.1

Although much of the current functionality remains, these new platforms will offer enhanced features and updated appearance. For example, the new XERO will provide enhanced viewing, collaboration and sharing on a single web viewer.

Enterprise Imaging will offer better clinical workflows & collaboration, including a new collaborator tool that replaces IMPAX Instant messaging, allowing for visual collaboration on the study. The solution also includes a new Image Exchange workflow that will replace CD burning when sharing images with referring clinicians and patients.

Due to unexpected changes, the implementation timelines have been updated:

  • Phase I (Fall 2022):
    • (November 14) SHARE Clinical and Central Zone Clinical Portals - image link launches to new XERO
    • (November 17) Full provincial roll out of XERO
  • Phase II (Early 2023) – The replacement of IMPAX with Enterprise Imaging is targeted to begin in early 2023. This will be a zone-based, facility-by-facility rolling go-live which will take several months to complete.

To assist clinical teams in preparing for these changes, learning opportunities are being offered including a new website that will host updates, resources and training opportunities -


For XERO, we are now pleased to offer a more customized XERO learning experience via the Health Learning Management System (LMS) (sign in with Active Directory, click Catalogue and search course code 1145.01) or similar training content is also available on the Enterprise Imaging website / training.


Training for Enterprise Imaging (Phase II) will be tailored for the departments using IMPAX today and will be a combination of virtual, one-on-one and at-the-elbow support. More details will be shared as soon as they are available.


If you have any questions or feedback about this work, please contact

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