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Ultrasound eReferral Date Rescheduled


To: Family Medicine Zone Department Chiefs, Primary Health Care & Chronic Disease Management Network Directors, Managers and Health Services Managers
 From:  Dr. Maria Alexiadis, Senior Medical Director, Primary Care and Chronic Disease Management
Cc: Dr. Judy Rowe, Medical Lead, DI eReferral Implementation & 
Dr. Tim Mailman, Senior Medical Director, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services Network
Date: November 2, 2023
Dear colleagues;
Nova Scotia is rescheduling the previous go-live date for ultrasound eReferrals from Nov. 7, 2023 until Dec. 6, 2023.

With nearly 400 MRI referrals received across the province, we are encouraged by the progress to date. Thank you to all who have been using the tool to send magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) referrals.

We continue to learn valuable lessons as we progress with implementation and are actively engaging in opportunities to improve the eReferral process. This time will allow for further collaboration and testing with primary care providers on the ultrasound referral form as well as extended training opportunities for Diagnostic Imaging (DI) staff.

The success of this tool is greatly dependent on hearing from, collaborating with, and supporting providers. This remains a top priority for our DI eReferral project and One Person One Record (OPOR) teams.

As the new provincial standard to sending referrals, onboarded providers are now expected to use the Ocean eReferrals tool to send surgery, MRI and eventually, ultrasound referrals. I encourage all primary care providers (PCPs) to take advantage of these resources and start using the eReferral tool as early as possible.

Resources & Supports

Taking advantage of eReferrals allows providers to refer patients to the provincial queue and be directed to an appropriate site based on their needs and preferences. It also prompts providers with confirmation that referrals have been received – keeping you and your patients up to date on the status of their referrals.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to realize these and other benefits for patients and providers.

Dr. Maria Alexiadis

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