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Specialist Dr. Brian Moses embraces rural medicine with passion and dedication, aiding recruitment initiatives

As a specialist physician in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Dr. Brian Moses is aware of the shortages that are challenging rural communities’ access to care. Undeterred by these obstacles, Dr. Moses is channeling his love for rural medicine into support for recruitment initiatives that will enhance healthcare in his community.

Growing up in a small town 15 minutes outside Yarmouth, Dr. Moses completed his undergraduate degree at Dalhousie University, majoring in Chemistry before pursuing his medical education at Dalhousie University. After receiving his Medical Doctorate, he returned home where he has been practicing medicine for the past 15 years. He said he always planned to return to his hometown to begin his career and build his life.

Though initially considering family medicine, Dr. Moses's perspective changed when he had the opportunity to work alongside an internal medicine specialist during a summer job between his first and second year of medical school. This experience ignited his passion for internal medicine.

“Internal medicine is about solving puzzles. Some types of medicine are more about sorting out a problem quickly and going in to fix it, like surgery, for example,” explained Dr. Moses. “Internal medicine is really about putting together the puzzle using the patient's complaints and their physical examination and trying to piece together the story to form a list of possible medical diagnoses.”

As a general internist, Dr. Moses has become proficient in managing many different medical conditions. His specific areas of interest include diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke, and heart failure, which take up a significant portion of his time. His practice also extends to conducting medical procedures, including lumbar punctures, bone marrow aspirations and biopsies for blood diseases, and draining fluids from the abdomen and around the lungs.

“Internal medicine requires staying current with the latest research and developments. There are continually new studies, findings, and changes in how we manage conditions,” said Dr. Moses.

One of the distinguishing aspects of Dr. Moses's career is his active involvement in medical education. He has mentored numerous medical residents, family medicine residents, and medical students. His teaching extends to those completing general internal medicine fellowships, contributing to the development of future physicians.

In Yarmouth, where resources and sub-specialists are limited compared to urban centers, specialists like Dr. Moses often take on a broader scope of practice. This leads to exposure to diverse and intriguing cases, which he considers a valuable and enriching professional experience.

Dr. Moses said the close-knit nature of rural communities fosters strong professional relationships and collaboration among healthcare providers. He feels this often translates to better patient care.

Dr. Moses has also been actively engaged in recruitment and retention efforts to ensure the availability of healthcare professionals in rural communities.

"I've been involved in recruitment from the start of my practice in Yarmouth. As a specialist in a small community, recruitment and retention are essential to ensure quality healthcare. It's also a way to give back to the community,” explained Dr. Moses. “I'm passionate about the benefits of practicing medicine in rural areas, and I enjoy sharing those advantages with potential recruits. I believe that being on a recruitment team is a natural fit for me, given my interest in recruitment and my love for rural medicine."

Outside of his medical profession, Dr. Moses enjoys travelling, often combining his passion for learning with his desire to explore new places by attending medical conferences in different parts of the world. An avid sports enthusiast, he enjoys playing and watching baseball, hockey, and curling. He also has a love for movies, and he often spends quality time watching films with his family. Dr. Moses also proudly identifies as a Star Wars fan, participating in Star Wars conventions and occasionally dressing up to attend.

Dr. Moses is a shining example of a healthcare professional who has seamlessly blended his medical practice with his commitment to physician recruitment. His contributions have not only enriched his community in Yarmouth but are leaving an important impact on the healthcare system.

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