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Reminder: Coming Soon! eScriptionOne

In the coming weeks, eScriptionLH will transition to a newer version of the speech recognition transcription software – eScriptionOne. This is an urgent change that is being driven by the eScription vendor due to a critical system vulnerability. eScriptionLH will no longer be available after November 2022.

Action required: 

  • Clinicians are asked to prioritize the signing off of outstanding reports within the last 6 months. Reports older than 6 months will begin to be proxy signed to ensure they are available for clinical care.
  • With eScriptionOne, clinicians will be required to use their dictation ID and reset their password using their NS Health email address to access, edit and sign off dictated reports. If you do not have a NS Health username and password or email address, please visit: IT Self Service to request one or call IT Self-Service (see numbers below).
  • If you have a NS Health username and password, but have not yet set up your security questions, please visit assystReset and follow the steps.

Change Impact: eScriptionOne doesn’t currently allow for the same customization as the previous version, which may affect your day-to-day function/workflows. We are working to address these gaps. With the new software, clients can expect the following changes:

  • A new toll-free phone number for dictation. To be provided after November 7.
  • Changes in the dictation telephone prompts.
  • In addition, eScriptionOne is a cloud-based faxing solution and clinical reports will now only be faxed and not printed.

Inquiries related to this change can be directed to the following:

  •   IT Service Desk (Northern, Eastern, Western Zones) - 1-866-224-2555 

Thank you for your cooperation.

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