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Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Pathway Finalized

The Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Pathway has been finalized and is available here. It is intended to provide guidance to emergency department and primary care clinicians when a patient presents with suspected pancreatic cancer. It includes appropriate investigations, referral pathway and related timelines as well as outlining patient-centred care expectations. Links to referral forms and other key documents are embedded within the pathway document. 

Patients with at least two symptoms suggesting pancreatic cancer should be referred for urgent CT abdomen and immediately referred to Hepato-Pancreatic-Biliary (HPB) Surgery at the QEII through the Ocean Surgical e-Referral or by faxing 902-473-5297. (Click here for information on the Ocean e-Referral system).

There are new treatment options for pancreatic cancer. For this reason, all patients regardless of stage should be referred to HPB Surgery and Medical Oncology for a discussion about possible treatments.

The pathway will also be integrated into the Oncology Transformation Project (OTP) and OPOR.

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