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Ocean eReferrals (MRI) Go-live: September 27, 2023

To:        Zone Heads of Family Medicine

From: Dr. Maria Alexiadis, Senior Medical Director, Primary Care and Chronic Disease              Management

Cc:       Dr. Tim Mailman, Senior Medical Director, Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services Network &
             Dr. Judy Rowe,
Physician Lead, Diagnostic Imaging eReferral

Date:   Monday, September 18, 2023           

Dear Colleagues,

On September 27, 2023, Nova Scotia will be going live with a single-entry model (SEM) for MRI referrals. Using the Ocean eReferrals tool, it includes a new provincial queue process similar to surgical consults. Referring providers will now be able to choose Diagnostic Imaging (DI) as a service on the health map. Ultrasound and Computed Tomography Scan (CT) are expected to follow before the New Year.

The new process is anticipated to achieve more equitable access for patients to diagnostic services, increase Diagnostic Imaging (DI) capacity across the system and help achieve national targets and wait times.

Over the past several weeks, the DI and One Person One Record (OPOR) teams have been working closely with a newly formed group of PCPs called the Primary Care eReferral Advisory Group. As a focused group of users, they’ve been able to undergo a testing phase which has helped identify potential areas of adjustments to enhance the user experience. This group remains committed to a co-design approach with referring providers to ensure a smoother transition as other modalities are brought online in the coming months.

Primary Care Providers (PCPs) will continue to receive dedicated supports with the onboarding process. I encourage you to take advantage of these resources, start familiarizing yourself with the eReferral tool and start utilizing it within your referral process as early as possible.

Support documentation and resources for sending MRI eReferrals will be added to the Nova Scotia eReferrals Resource Hub ahead of September 27.

We recognize that there is a lot of change occurring across our system and that PCPs especially, are inundated every day with requests. This is a change that will help relieve administrative burdens in time and change the quality of requisitions for the better - ultimately improving care for our patients.

Resources & Supports

Thank you for your continued support.




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