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Nova Scotia Health Changes to Sick Leave Benefit Application

Occupational Health Safety and Wellness (OHSW) is launching a new application process for sick leave benefits.

  • Beginning March 27, 2023, NS Health Team Members will be able to self apply for personal sick leave benefits and other OHSW supports using a new online webform.
  • An OHSW professional will review the application and determine IF further information is required from a treatment provider.
  • You may still be contacted by the OHSW Professional or your patient if confirmation of diagnosis, treatment plan, or potential referrals from your office are required.
  • Paper applications will still be accepted; this has been modified to align with the new webform. Applications DO NOT require a treatment provider signature.


If a patient presents with an archived "Treatment Provider Report", you may

do one of the following:

  • Direct them to the OHSW Reporting Webforms icon on the NS Health OHSW Intranet page.
  • Provide them with the attached new paper self-application form.
  • Have them scan the QR code below to access the webform to self-apply.

Once the application is submitted, an OHSW professional will contact the Team Member, review the information, provide support and navigation to resources. Supplemental information may be requested on a case-by-case basis, as noted above.


If you have questions or would like to provide feedback on this change or the webform itself, please complete this short survey, open until June 30, 2023.

A PDF version of this message can be found here.

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