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Message from your health leadership team: Health System Transformation - Digital Solutions

Investing in digital solutions ensures that clinicians have access to information anytime, anyplace, and anywhere to deliver quality care that benefits both patients and providers. Having robust digital solutions is a priority of health system transformation. Technology is a true enabler of an efficient, modern, and equitable healthcare system, supporting us to provide quality care for patients and families, as well as to attract and retain talent across the health system.

In the past few years, we have embraced virtual care to enhance access. It’s being used in many clinical areas from primary care in family practice to follow-up appointments with orthopedic surgeons. Both patient and provider feedback has been overwhelmingly positive because of the flexibility and timeliness of care.

Having a robust digital health strategy is necessary as we modernize our infrastructure and systems, and have an increasingly digitally connected healthcare system and teams. You’ve likely heard of the term big data. With so much information at our fingertips, it’s critically important that we fully use the information we have to support decision-making and improve the delivery of care. This information also underpins our ability to be a learning health system that embraces continuous quality improvement and innovation.

Digital solutions are a priority in our transformation of the health system. The majority of the solutions in the Action for Health plan include activities that have a focus on technology and information:

Integrated Digital Health Strategy and Digital Enablement

Led by Jill Casey, Dept. of Health and Wellness, Natasha Clarke, Dept. of Service Nova Scotia and Internal Services, and Scott McKenna, Nova Scotia Health

Digital solutions are the backbone of a sustainable, modern, and effective health system. Together with our healthcare, government, and community partners, we are developing an integrated Digital Health Strategy that will build on investments in existing solutions, innovation, and infrastructure, as well as identify gaps and prioritize future investments to further transform how we deliver health services.

This strategy will enable us to develop a multi-year digital solutions investment roadmap. It will serve as a cornerstone for digitization initiatives such as One Person One Record, the Care Coordination Centre (C3), the expansion of virtual care, and the introduction of a patient portal access point to support Nova Scotians as they navigate the health system.

One Person One Record (OPOR)

Led by Lindsay Bertrand and Dr. Matthew Clarke, Nova Scotia Health, Josh Lee, Nova Scotia Digital Service, and the OPOR project team

One Person One Record is a multi-year effort to transform the way we use and share health information in Nova Scotia through a clinical information system that will replace several existing hospital information systems with a single, all-encompassing system. It will enable a digitally supported, patient-centred healthcare transformation in Nova Scotia.​ As the procurement process for this system continues, the ultimate outcome is for patients and providers to have seamless access to the information and care processes they need, no matter where care is given or received. 

Technology enables us to achieve our vision of a world-class health system in Nova Scotia. Our Action for Health plan relies on innovative technologies and systems to provide safe, quality care for patients and families. By continuing to embrace the digital era and integrating modern solutions into every facet of our health system, we are well positioned to provide a health system that is ready, reliable, and responsive for Nova Scotians, clinicians, and employees.

Thank you,

Karen Oldfield, interim President and CEO, Nova Scotia Health 

Deputy Minister Jeannine Lagassé, Department of Health Wellness, Office of Addictions and Mental Health, and Office of Healthcare Professionals Recruitment 

Deputy Minister Dr. Paul LaFleche, Department of Seniors and Long-term Care 

Dr. Krista Jangaard, President and CEO, IWK Health 

Paula Poirier, President and COO, Emergency Medical Care Inc. 

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