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Meet Dr. Sarah MacPhee, Physician at Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital

Born and raised on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Dr. MacPhee completed medical school at Dalhousie University in 2016. After a 3 years of providing locum services, Dr. MacPhee recently signed on to become a permanent physician at the Twin Oaks Memorial Hospital (TOMH) in Musquodoboit Harbour. 

“After medical school, I completed my residency training at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario but always had a goal of returning home to Nova Scotia to practice medicine. It was just a matter of timing and the stars aligning to find the right fit,” said Dr. MacPhee.

“I think by coming home to Nova Scotia, I have a practice that I am challenged by and find rewarding. I am able to leave work and walk on the beach, or run on the local trail system all within two minutes of the hospital,” said Dr. MacPhee.

Dr. MacPhee says she is happy to have a fulfilling career living in her home province close to family and friends with wonderful colleagues. Dr. MacPhee shared that she has managed to strike a work life balance (on most days), which she proud of. She noted that the patients really show their appreciation and she has been gifted lobster and folk art from her community!

Working in a collaborative setting, the team at Twin Oaks often teaches medical students and residents and love having them. “I am never bored at work and do a little bit of everything. I split my days between seeing patients in my family practice, working the emergency department, looking after patients admitted to hospital and patients living in long term care,” shared MacPhee.

Outside of work Dr. MacPhee can often be found at Shubie Park in Dartmouth with her husband and dogs. In her spare time, she also enjoys gardening, yoga, running and loves a good book.

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