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Mass Casualty Commission update and supports for health care teams

~ On behalf of Colin Stevenson, Vice President, Quality and System Performance, and Angela Keenan, Director, Occupational Health Safety & Wellness, Nova Scotia Health

This week the Mass Casualty Commission, the independent public inquiry into the April 2020 Nova Scotia mass casualty, began releasing documents and statements as part of its public proceedings.

While the event occurred in the Northern Zone, we know the inquiry may be difficult for the broader Nova Scotia Health community. We have family members that reside in other zones, friends of those affected, and those that are just following the commission as Nova Scotians. We are also providing care, as health care workers, to those affected by this event and the subsequent commission in all areas of the province, depending on where their needs are best met by service provision. 

There is still grief and trauma being experienced by some of our staff, physicians and members of our community. There is help and support available for those who need it and we’ve included a list of resources in the email with this message.

A full range of information about the proceedings, documents, updates and resources can be found on the Mass Casualty Commission website

Please continue to watch out for one another. If you are struggling, or see that a coworker is having difficulty, reach out. Help and support is available.

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