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Diagnostic Imaging eReferral Go-Live Date Rescheduled: September 2023

Message posted on behalf of Dr. Maria Alexiadis, Chief of the Department of Family Medicine

Dear colleagues, 

Nova Scotia has made the decision to reschedule the previously proposed go-live date for Diagnostic Imaging eReferral (MRI) from July 25 until September 2023 to provide more time for user training, feedback, and testing. The goal to launch additional modalities in fall 2023/winter 2024 remains the same.

In working with and listening to eReferral users in the surgical model implementation, users have identified some opportunities for enhancement with the Ocean eReferral tool. For diagnostic
imaging, the positive collaboration amongst providers, staff and project teams in recent weeks has also brought important improvements. The team continues to hear valuable, constructive feedback, and these learnings play a key role in the planning, next steps, and our overall success of the project.

In the next few weeks, the diagnostic imaging, perioperative and OPOR teams will work closely with referring providers to further support the onboarding process by launching a testing phase with a focused group of users to identify potential areas for adjustments to enhance the user experience. The project teams are committed to a co-design approach with referring providers to ensure a smoother transition as other modalities are brought online. Providers and staff will continue to be updated throughout this time.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to realize the many goals and expected benefits of this referral approach, including a more efficient processes for providers and quality care for our patients.

Thank you,


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