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Coming Soon! Migration from eScription to eSOne

A more modern, robust version of speech recognition transcription is coming soon!

The eScription speech recognition solution that captures clinician dictation and transcribes it into reports to support the creation and administration of patient medical records requires a migration to a more modern, robust version that better aligns with our standards. eScription is used by clinicians, Health Information Services and other administrative staff.

Implementations will be phased-in, beginning with Central Zone in mid-August, followed by IWK Health in late August/early September and Northern, Eastern and Western Zones in October.

With the new eSOne application, there will be minimal functionality changes; however, eSOne is a cloud-based faxing solution so clinical reports will now only be faxed and not printed. In addition, to provide improved security, a personal NS Health username and password will now be required to access eSOne.

We are seeking volunteers from Central Zone to participate in a small pilot group that will be migrating just ahead of the full zone implementation. Those interested in volunteering for the pilot can contact, Provincial Transcription Manager, IM/IT Health Information Services.

If you have any questions, please contact

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