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Aventail VPN Migration Project – Action Required by March 31, 2023

Attention:  Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health leaders, physicians, employees and learners connecting remotely to the Health network using a personal device

Change Impact: Nova Scotia Health and IWK Health clients that currently connect remotely to the Health network using a personal device (e.g. laptop) must be migrated to a more stable platform by March 31, 2023, as Aventail will no longer be available. If you use a personal device to remotely access the network using a desktop application, you may be using Aventail and you see the following screen requesting you to log in.  

sonic wall window on computer screen







Or, if you use the web portal ( to obtain remote access via Aventail rather than the desktop application, you will see the following screen when you log in.

  • Most current Aventail clients will be upgraded to Azure VDI which will provide you with a virtual desktop, which you can access through a web browser which looks, feels and operates just like a desktop computer or laptop. Some clinical applications may not work well within Azure and those clients may be migrated to an updated version of Aventail (SonicWall)
  • Note: If you only use a Health-supplied laptop, you no longer require Aventail or an additional remote access service to remotely connect to the Health network.
Aventail window on computer screen







Reason for Change: The Aventail VPN service that supports remote access to the Health network and resources is no longer supported by the vendor. 

Action required: To ensure there are no delays or disruptions in your remote access service, for those clients using a personal device to remotely access the Health network, you can place a ticket at anytime to migrate to the new Azure VDI by submitting a request to IT Self-Service / Service and Support > Access > Remote Access > Remote Access Request" ). Alternatively, you can call the IT Service Desk for assistance at:

  • Health IT Service Desk (NS Health Northern, Eastern and Western Zones) -1-866-224-2555
  • Central Zone IT Service Desk (Central Zone) - 1-902-473-3399 
  • Health IT Service Desk (IWK Health) – 1-902-470-6700

Aventail clients will be contacted by IT over the next few months to request that you submit a ticket to migrate to a new service, if you have not already done so.

If you have questions, please contact Nova Scotia Digital Services at

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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