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What Health Care Should Be: Time for Bold Solutions

This is a pivotal moment in Canadian health care. We are starting to see real investments in the health system and a national commitment to improve the health of all Canadians. That is heartening. Now, the work begins on how to translate those commitments into action and find sustainable, long-term solutions to ensure better access for patients and healthier working environment...

The Nova Scotia Brotherhood Initiative's 5th Annual Men’s Health Conference

  The Nova Scotia Brotherhood Initiative is hosting its 5th Annual Men’s Health Conference on Saturday, March 9, at the NSCC Akerley Campus. This free all-day event (9 a.m. – 4 p.m.) is a safe space for black men to come together and talk about health and wellness as well as other relevant topics, including mental health, financial wellness, career advice, spirituality, commun...

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