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The Third Hereditary Aortic Disorders Symposium (HAD3)

Scientific Sessions for Medical Professionals Only

Audience: Cardiac and vascular surgeons, radiologists, medical geneticists, cardiologists, internists, pediatricians, ophthalmologists, family physicians, obstetricians, vascular neurologists and neurosurgeons, rheumatologists, orthopedic surgeons, general surgeons, nurses, nurse practitioners, optometrists, pharmacists, genetic counselors, medical imaging technologists.

Registration Details:

Day 1: Scientific Sessions - for Medical Professionals ONLY

Physician: $150

Resident/Trainee/Allied Health Professional: $75

(NOTE: Day 1 registration fees will include access to all Day 2 programmes, should you choose to attend.)

For more Information:

Registration — HAD (

Registration Information:

The 3rd Heritable Aortic Disorders Symposium Day 1: Scientific Sessions - Welcome (


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