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AIME Advanced Program

The AIME program has been providing airway education for thousands of physicians across the country for over 20 years.  The next AIME Advanced program will be offered on April 29th.  It has been two years since we were last able to provide in-person CPD. The need for safe airway management was highlighted by COVID. Over these past two years we have tried to support clinicians in providing open access materials on the AIME website. We will continue to this; while we did support remote learning there is no substitute for this hands-on educational experience. 

This collaborative program, taught by emergency physicians and anesthetists, has been well received by clinicians. AIME Advanced is cadaver-based procedure-focused program targeting experienced acute care clinicians who have a responsibility for airway management in critically ill patients. This program uses clinical cadaverswhich offer a unique high fidelity human simulation experience providing safe hands-on deliberate practice opportunities.  AIME Advanced is fully accredited for both Royal College and CFPC CPD credits.  

These sessions are held at the Skills Centre for Health Sciences in the Bethune Building, 1276 South Park Street in Halifax, NS.

Based on current local Provincial and institutional COVID public health restrictions, additional information will need to be provided by registrants.

Our programs fills quickly. Registration is limited to 20.

More details and registration can be found here or on the website


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